Lifestyle – Coming Soon To Melody Lounge

Soft Sailors is a lifestyle, as you may have heard. Now, Lifestyle is a monthly event curated by Soft Sailors at Melody Lounge at 939 N. Hill St. in Chinatown.

I’m really excited that my friend Bles invited me to put together this event. Soft Sailors will be playing the inaugural edition on Tuesday, March 31, along with my longtime friend Pauline Lay and my new friend Zanya with her band. Graham MacRae, my boss at A man A plan A canal, will be DJing all-vinyl sets with me. The show is free and 21+.

Moving forward, Lifestyle will take place every fourth Tuesday of the month at Melody Lounge.  Lifestyle #2, on April 28, will be have a performance from Dawn of Sequins with others TBA, and Lifestyle #3, on May 26, will feature The Night Owl Collective with others TBA.

Bloody Death Skull – Tomorrow at The Hi Hat

Since August, I have been playing bass in the band Bloody Death Skull. At first, I just volunteered to play a single show for Echo Park Rising. It was a such a pleasure, though, and now I’ve played more shows with the band because the songs are catchy and the other musicians are very talented and I have permission to play lots of really wanky stuff on bass which is a true joy (I make a funny face when I do it too).

Tomorrow (Thursday, Feb. 27) is Daiana’s birthday. She’s the one pictured in the photograph above. Anyway, to celebrate we will be performing at The Hi Hat in Highland Park. Join us!

Here we are performing a cover of “Wreck A Buddy” by The Soul Sisters at The Lodge Room last December 13:


Triz Nathaniel and Soft Sailors Present “Mao ZeBron”

There’s a new Soft Sailors collaboration with Triz Nathaniel on Spotify and Apple Music and the other streaming platforms.

“Mao ZeBron” is a takedown of Lebron James’ recent comments about the ongoing Hong Kong Protests. Over an electro track I made, Triz claps back at James’ comments from last fall that the protestors don’t deserve our support by illustrating governmental atrocities, reminding listeners of James’ supposedly-progressive ideals, and ultimately comparing his “profits over people” stance on China to that of Donald Trump.

I produced the track, and Scott Barber mixed it (to tape!) at The Barber Shop Recording Studio in Echo Park. It was a lot of fun to make and I hope you enjoy listening!

Soft Sailors is a lifestyle.

Howard Finster, Man Of Visions, Talks About R.E.M.

I recently found this interview with Howard Finster on Youtube, which reminded me of the time I talked to Howard Finster.

Reckoning is R.E.M.’s second LP

When I was a kid I bought the No Alternative AIDS benefit album because it had an unlisted Nirvana song on it. I didn’t listen to much of the rest of the album, but I liked this song by Pavement called “The Unseen Power of the Picket Fence” because it was about my favorite band: R.E.M.

A good chunk of that Pavement song is just Stephen Malkmus listing the titles of songs from Reckoning, R.E.M.’s second album. The cover of that album was painted by The Reverend Howard Finster, who also did the cover of Talking Heads’ Little Creatures.

Finster’s philosophy is spelled out here.

Howard Finster  lived on a plot of Georgian land he’d dubbed “Paradise Gardens” and turned into a wonderland of religious art made of broken glass, concrete, bicycle wheels, and more. Years before, Reverend Finster had a vision from God, and after that he started junked materials for building a chapel. Over the decades, he constructed a masterpiece.

The members of R.E.M., being drawn as they were to Southern eccentricities, went to Paradise Gardens a lot in their early years and filmed the video for “Radio Free Europe” there.

I, of course, was drawn to anything and everything that was related to R.E.M. So, when my church’s youth group had a field trip to Paradise Gardens, I went. It was the first church field trip I ever went on, and in order to go I had to promise I’d become active in the youth group.

This chapel is made of what other people considered trash.

We got to tour the garden and meet Rev. Finster, who was sitting on the porch with his banjo looking exactly like he does in the above video. He talked to me about R.E.M. and about Elvis, and he gave me a quaint and totally ineffective 2-minute banjo lesson. It was an enriching afternoon with an ancient man who was simply effervescent, and I still have a picture of the two of us together. I found it recently, but I didn’t scan it for some reason and now it’s in a box somewhere.

Here’s Howard.

I did not live up to my promise to become active in the church youth group.

LA Record Premieres Soft Sailors’ New Single

Thanks so much to LA Record for premiering the newest single from Soft Sailors, “What We Live.” According to LA Record, “It’s a song that wrestles with the power and weight we give the past” and it “touches on Sparks, Geza X and maybe a little of Peter Ivers’ manic midnight energy.”

Hear it below. Also – we will perform at Highland Park Bowl this Fri., June 7, with Babe Parade, the Night Owl Collective and the Order of the Diamond.



This is serious.

Juiceboxxx is one of my favorite rappers and showmen. His performances are awesome, and he’s just as insane as his persona. Well, it’s not a persona actually. He lived with me for a few months, so I can tell you it’s no act. The characters in his songs aren’t characters, and he doesn’t turn it down when he’s not onstage. He’s truly an American treasure.

Anyway, my boy had a bit of a viral moment a couple years ago after this performance on a local TV show in Milwaukee:

There are a lot of haters in the comments for that video, but they’re all complete idiots. This article gives you an objective explanation of why, but I think it has more to do with those haters’ joylessness and severe lack of imagination when it comes to what they think music ought to be. Perhaps, instead of commenting on Youtube videos, they should occupy themselves with something constructive.

Sure, it wasn’t his finest moment. In case you’re wondering, that moment was this:

Anyway, during my brief time living with the guy under my roof, we created a couple of collaborations. One of them was this clipping remix, on which he laid a verse:

The other track was “The Saga Never Ends,” a JB Mixtape jam that includes some really messy guitar work by me. The video stars Valerie, a very nice dog I also once lived with. But not at the same time that I lived with Juiceboxxx.

Vanity Projects Residency at Pehrspace

Thanks to Pauline Lay for inviting me to take over a month of Pehrspace programming. The Vanity Projects Residency opens March 28 and runs to April 25.

Events include a one-night only revival of the long-standing Sean Carnage Mondays series that ended last year, a Craft Night with the people behind the LA Zine Fest, a new installment of the absurdist variety show Charm School, an Easter Karaoke and potluck, and musical performances by acts including So Many Wizards, Emily Lacy, Signor Benedick the Moor, Spooks, Ghost Noise, Sweet Bump it, a reunited Big Whup, and more. Large, colorful, and abstract works by artists Anne-Louise Ewen, Ghost Ghost Teeth, and Nora Quinn will adorn the walls for the entirety of the residency. Get the full press release at Reverberations Media.

Main Facebook event page

“Fast Ram” Revisited

A few years ago, I made some friends on the Internet when I recorded a scratchy version of Paul and Linda McCartney’s “Ram” on 45 RPM into my computer and put it on SoundCloud.

In this photo, Paul attempts to squeeze weed out of a ram.

One of those friends, Alan Benard, liked what I did but thought it sounded a little Chipmunky and altogether too scratchy. So, he recreated the effect digitally and then pitched it down (using math, I presume) to, in his words, “squeeze all the marijuana out of it.”

I’m not sure why he’d want to squeeze the marijuana out of the record, and anyway that’s impossible because marijuana’s fat soluble. Everybody knows that. But while his motive may have been dubious, he did succeed in making something thoroughly enjoyable.


Hey, Zombie!

This song is actually a left-over from the Pizza! era. There were several song ideas that we had floating around before we broke up, but most of them were just instrumental jams. This song, however, was the result of a recording back-n-forth between Duncan and me. He created the backing track – as a sketch for something more complicated later, I guess – then I wrote the vocals, then I went to his house where I recorded my vocals and he sang the background parts.

I guess we would’ve put it through the full band process after that, but we never got there.

Album artwork by Champ. []
It’s fine like it is though, right? It’s more simple than a typical Pizza! song. That’s not a slight on Pizza!, because complexity is both awesome and worthwhile. But simplicity has its own charm. Anyway, I released it last year on the Vanity Projects compilation. You can download that here, by the way. It’s got some good music on it.

I don’t have any idea what this song is about. If you think of something, please let me know.