This is serious.

Juiceboxxx is one of my favorite rappers and showmen. His performances are awesome, and he’s just as insane as his persona. Well, it’s not a persona actually. He lived with me for a few months, so I can tell you it’s no act. The characters in his songs aren’t characters, and he doesn’t turn it down when he’s not onstage. He’s truly an American treasure.

Anyway, my boy had a bit of a viral moment a couple years ago after this performance on a local TV show in Milwaukee:

There are a lot of haters in the comments for that video, but they’re all complete idiots. This article gives you an objective explanation of why, but I think it has more to do with those haters’ joylessness and severe lack of imagination when it comes to what they think music ought to be. Perhaps, instead of commenting on Youtube videos, they should occupy themselves with something constructive.

Sure, it wasn’t his finest moment. In case you’re wondering, that moment was this:

Anyway, during my brief time living with the guy under my roof, we created a couple of collaborations. One of them was this clipping remix, on which he laid a verse:

The other track was “The Saga Never Ends,” a JB Mixtape jam that includes some really messy guitar work by me. The video stars Valerie, a very nice dog I also once lived with. But not at the same time that I lived with Juiceboxxx.