Democrats: Nominate Elizabeth Warren to Win in November and Beyond!

The most important thing Democrats must do in 2020 is nominate someone who will defeat Donald Trump, whose administration represents a grave, existential threat to our republic itself. 

I’m optimistic! 

He’s a uniquely hated person with especially bad approval ratings, and his last opponent – a historically disliked nominee who had been vilified by a literal Vast Right Wing Conspiracy for more than two decades – beat him by three million popular votes. He squeaked by in the Electoral College thanks to a combination of a juiced base and a group of center-right Republicans and Independents who hated Hillary Clinton specifically, or the status quo generally, and were willing to take a gamble on an unknown entity who would “mix things up.” Since then, he’s committed vulgar criminal acts in plain view of the American people – on a daily basis – and has even been impeached for a couple of them. Sure, his base is inflamed and perhaps even more excited than it was in 2016, but I’ve seen no indication that it has grown.

Based on polling and general energy, it seems to me that there are five people currently vying for the Democratic nomination who could beat Donald Trump in November: Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, Michael Bloomberg, and Amy Klobuchar. They aren’t all equally likely to win, but none deserves to be discounted if we’re just thinking in terms of electability (we shouldn’t be, though. Mike Bloomberg should leave the race now). 

One candidate, however, stands above everyone else in her capacity to unite the party and trounce Donald Trump in November. She’s also the candidate whose record suggests she’ll do the best job for progressive causes once in the Oval Office. That candidate is Elizabeth Warren.

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