Vanity Projects Residency at Pehrspace

Thanks to Pauline Lay for inviting me to take over a month of Pehrspace programming. The Vanity Projects Residency opens March 28 and runs to April 25.

Events include a one-night only revival of the long-standing Sean Carnage Mondays series that ended last year, a Craft Night with the people behind the LA Zine Fest, a new installment of the absurdist variety show Charm School, an Easter Karaoke and potluck, and musical performances by acts including So Many Wizards, Emily Lacy, Signor Benedick the Moor, Spooks, Ghost Noise, Sweet Bump it, a reunited Big Whup, and more. Large, colorful, and abstract works by artists Anne-Louise Ewen, Ghost Ghost Teeth, and Nora Quinn will adorn the walls for the entirety of the residency. Get the full press release at Reverberations Media.

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