Lifestyle – Coming Soon To Melody Lounge

Soft Sailors is a lifestyle, as you may have heard. Now, Lifestyle is a monthly event curated by Soft Sailors at Melody Lounge at 939 N. Hill St. in Chinatown.

I’m really excited that my friend Bles invited me to put together this event. Soft Sailors will be playing the inaugural edition on Tuesday, March 31, along with my longtime friend Pauline Lay and my new friend Zanya with her band. Graham MacRae, my boss at A man A plan A canal, will be DJing all-vinyl sets with me. The show is free and 21+.

Moving forward, Lifestyle will take place every fourth Tuesday of the month at Melody Lounge.  Lifestyle #2, on April 28, will be have a performance from Dawn of Sequins with others TBA, and Lifestyle #3, on May 26, will feature The Night Owl Collective with others TBA.

Triz Nathaniel and Soft Sailors Present “Mao ZeBron”

There’s a new Soft Sailors collaboration with Triz Nathaniel on Spotify and Apple Music and the other streaming platforms.

“Mao ZeBron” is a takedown of Lebron James’ recent comments about the ongoing Hong Kong Protests. Over an electro track I made, Triz claps back at James’ comments from last fall that the protestors don’t deserve our support by illustrating governmental atrocities, reminding listeners of James’ supposedly-progressive ideals, and ultimately comparing his “profits over people” stance on China to that of Donald Trump.

I produced the track, and Scott Barber mixed it (to tape!) at The Barber Shop Recording Studio in Echo Park. It was a lot of fun to make and I hope you enjoy listening!

Soft Sailors is a lifestyle.

LA Record Premieres Soft Sailors’ New Single

Thanks so much to LA Record for premiering the newest single from Soft Sailors, “What We Live.” According to LA Record, “It’s a song that wrestles with the power and weight we give the past” and it “touches on Sparks, Geza X and maybe a little of Peter Ivers’ manic midnight energy.”

Hear it below. Also – we will perform at Highland Park Bowl this Fri., June 7, with Babe Parade, the Night Owl Collective and the Order of the Diamond.